Press Kit: Tebe Zalango

In the Media

Inspired by Antonio Vivaldi's 4 seasons, Tebe Zalango started violin lessons in early elementary school. Listening to all forms of music, from Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, and Classical - he formed his sound around rhythms of his own soul. With Dynamic lyrical ability and vocals that have literally brought fans to tears, he seeks to inspire creativity and spiritual growth through higher awareness. With songs about Love, Respect, Appreciation, Justice, and Loyalty, Tebe is proving to the youth that you can be a phenomenal artist without promoting self-destruction. Tebe Has traveled and studied the Mayan Pyramids in Chichén Itzá Mexico, as well as the churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia. Being a world traveler, Tebe brings insight from many cultures. From the Church to the street, Tebe's Target audience represents those who consider themselves students of life who want to learn and grow.